KeyShark – the World’s Lightest Keychain Bottle Opener – Now Available in Titanium!

At Cranky Monkee, we set out to make the world’s coolest keychain bottle opener. It also had to be the lightest bottle opener, fit on a keychain or keyring easily, and not stab into your leg or be bulky. We wanted it to be sleek and satisfy both the every-day-carry crowd (EDC) and the sophisticated beer drinker as well!

Weighing just 1.14 grams (.04 oz.) KeyShark is now the World’s lightest key chain bottle opener. That’s less than half the weight of a U.S. dime! How did we do it?

Highly engineered using the same sophisticated stress analysis and optimization techniques used to design aircraft tooling, the KeyShark keychain bottle opener is lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable to use. KeyShark uses your own keys for leverage and seamlessly integrates the index or middle finger in optimal position in use. Fabricated from the highest strength tempered aerospace aluminum using a state of the art waterjet cutting process, the unique and compact KeyShark keychain opener provides minimum weight and maximum performance.

The shape of the hook reliably catches under even the tightest and strongest steel microbrew caps and buckles them dead-center for an easy one-pull open every time. We recommend you get at least one because when your friends see KeyShark they’ll also want the lightest, smallest, and coolest key chain bottle opener. And they might steal yours!

KeyShark… it’s a beer bottle opener, an izzy ™ soft drink bottle opener, an edc opener, it’s the smallest keychain bottle opener you can get….and it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Now available for Pre-order: KeyShark in Titanium!

The KeyShark is the world’s lightest bottle opener because of it’s innovative design…and now that design just got a whole lot cooler. We’re going to be building a special limited edition of KeySharks in titanium alloy. Why titanium you ask? Well, it’s just chock full of awesome…

Made from the highest strength-to-weight ratio metal known to man, the titanium alloy KeyShark is harder and stronger than the standard model. At a measly 1.8 grams, it’s still super light and built to last! The new Titanium KeyShark is wear and salt water resistant, and more resistant to acids and perspiration. It’s going to be like having an SR-71 Blackbird on your keychain! Get ready for some high speed bottle opening!

*KeyShark is a trademark of Cranky Monkee, Inc. Patent Pending. The Keyshark artistic and physical design copyright © Cranky Monkee, Inc., 2012. All rights reserved.

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